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Black Belt Chris Thompson

In the Gi

In the Gi classes we teach all aspects of sport Jiu Jitsu from throws and takedowns to submissions on the ground, there is also the chance to grade through the very tough belt system for those who last the course. With only four belts after the initial white one, it usually takes around a decade to achieve black belt.

Complete Grappling System

At Nemesis we cover many aspects of Grappling, there is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Gi and Submission Wrestling. We are affiliated to ASW who are one of the oldest established Teams in the UK.

Submission Wrestling - No-Gi

Submission Wrestling is the purest form of grappling where all submissions are taught and the aim is to submit your opponent rather than score points for positions.

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  • Chris Thompson


  • Promoted to Black Belt by 8th Degree Coral Belt Master MauricioGomez.
  • Nemesis Grappling was set up as I had become disillusioned with the traditional BJJ style of grappling where gyms taught according to the IBJJF rules. I wanted to break away from that and give people the opportunity to train in an enviroment where all aspects of grappling were covered.
  • By making the time table 50% Gi (kimono) based and 50% No-Gi based I can offer my students the best of both worlds and the ability to switch seamlessly between the two styles and more importantly between the IBJJF and Submission only rule set.
  • Having competed extensively at the top level in both formats I consider this is the best way to get the most from your training wether it is for a hobby or to compete!
  • Medals and Titles
  • 3 x IBJJF British Nationals Champion Gi
  • 3 x IBJJF British Nationals Champion No-Gi (1 xPurple and 2 x Brown)
  • 1 x IBJJF European Champion (Purple)
  • 3 x IBJJF European Champion No Gi (1 x Purple and 2 x Brown)
  • 1 x Pan Am No Gi Champion (Brown)
  • 2 x Bronze Medal Abu Dhabi World Pro (Brown)
  • 2 x World No Gi Silver Medals (1 x Purple and 1 x Brown)
  • 1 x IBJJF World Masters SIlver (Purple)
  • 1 x IBJJF World Masters Champion (Brown)


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